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Fossicking rules and responsibilities

 · Main legal obligations. Recreational fossicking is a regulated activity in Victoria which means you need to buy a miner''s right. A miner''s right is a permit that allows you fossick in Victoria. You need to carry your miner''s right with you at all times when you are fossicking, as an inspector or other authorised person may ask to see it.

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 · Fossicking Licence. Opalton, Queensland''s Capital of Boulder Opal, also offers visitors the opportunity to fossick for opals. You do have to have a fossicking licence, they are only around $10 for a month. Most tourist shop have them …

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Fossicking at Hart Hill. Hart Hill Camping on Thane is a perfect place for fossicking, exclusive to campers, with large creek frontage (1600m), and a gold seam running along our ridge. Apart from the creek, Hart Hill is located in the guts of several state forests; Leyburn, Durikai, and Talgia - the latter two being known for its rich gold ...


A DNRM licence and fees to fossick on two local sites must be obtained and are available at the Chinchilla Visitor Information Centre. Address: Warrego Highway (opposite Pioneer Cemetery) Chinchilla QLD 4413. Phone: (07) 4660 7291. Email: [email protected] .

Fossicking licence

Description. You will require this licence if you are a tour operator and intend to take clients to fossick for gemstones, ornamental stones, mineral specimens, and alluvial gold for recreational and tourist purposes. Land that has been designated as a fossicking area can be both either publicly or privately owned.

Prospectors & fossickers

Section 40E permit Allows Miner''s Right holders to apply for a permit to prospect on land within a granted exploration licence. More Accessing maps - TENGRAPH View maps that show availability of land for prospecting and help determine whether special permissions may be …


 · General information on fossicking can be found here. To check on fossicking in State Forests, you need to check with the relevant district office of Forests NSW. Permits cost $22. More information here. Queensland: You do need a fossicking licence - cost is reasonable and start from $6.50 for 1 month. Licences can be purchased online here.

Fossicking policy | NSW Environment and Heritage

Fossicking District means an area gazetted under the Mining Act 1992 in which fossickers don''t need to obtain the consent of exploration-licence holders to be able to fossick. However, fossickers are still required to obtain permission from landholders including NPWS (section 12 of the Mining Act 1992 ).

Fossicking Licence Qld Price

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Fossicking Licence Qld Price

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The terms ''prospecting'' and ''fossicking'' are used interchangeably when searching for minerals, however, the term ''fossicking'' has a specific definition in the Mining Act, 1978.. ''Fossicking'' refers to the collection of mineral samples or specimens, other than gold or diamonds, for the purpose of a mineral collection, lapidary work or hobby interest.

Prospecting and fossicking | Mineral Resources Tasmania

Fossicking means to search for minerals for a purpose other than commercial gain, to a depth of 2 metres by hand, or by using hand-held instruments. Fossicking is different to prospecting because a licence is not required if activities are conducted within any of the eleven areas declared under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 .

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Fossicking & Prospecting Regulations

 · A license is required to fossick QLD - You can obtain a Fossicking License either Online or by contacting your nearest District and regional office - A Queensland Fossicking License can be purchased to cover a period of 1 month, 6 months or 1 year with the cost ranging from around $8.80 to $56.25 for an individual.

Prospectors & fossickers

Put safety first Important precautions to consider if you intend undertaking any prospecting activities. More; Prospecting - fossicking in WA Explains the terms ''prospecting'' & ''fossicking'' as included under the Mining Act 1978. More; Miner''s Rights How to obtain a Miner''s right and any obligations and restrictions placed on the holder of a Miner''s Right.

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 · Nestled in the shadows of the Blue Mountains around 150km west of Sydney, Oberon has five fossicking sites opened to the public. There is the possibility of finding sapphires, zircon, gold and diamond here! This is an amazing place to find gemstones in Australia. Usually, a fossicking licence is required to look for sparkly treasure in State ...

Fossicking and prospecting

Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park. Gold panning, fossicking or prospecting typically involves the use of metal detectors, hand tools, pans or sluices in the search for gold, gemstones and other minerals. Prospecting can be an exciting experience. Many of the world''s largest gold nuggets have been found in the Golden Triangle of central Victoria.


''Fossicking'' refers to the collection of mineral samples or specimens, other than gold or diamonds, for the purpose of a mineral collection, lapidary work or hobby interest. The term ''prospecting'' ''includes the search for all minerals including the use of metal detectors. Both ''prospecting'' and ''fossicking'' require a Miner''s Right.


 · North West Queensland Fossicking Area''s. You have to have a Fossicking Licence, before you can go Gem hunting in Queensland. If you are looking for gems-stones-rocks-gold, you have to have a licence when doing it in Qld. Out here you can explore the country side, bush, if you have a 4 wheel drive and a good GPS. So easy to get lost.

Fossicking licence

All. $64.75. Commercial tour operator fossicking licence - for one month. Fees for 2021-22. Apply. Application. All. $558.00. Commercial tour operator fossicking licence - for one year.

Fossicking in Queensland | Recreation, sport and arts

A fossicking licence is required in Queensland. Make sure you follow the fossicking rules and observe the basic principles of safe fossicking. Recreational areas, facilities and activities


 · Jan 3, 2015. #8. Depends on the depth your digging at as well mate, Prospecting Licence covers works "not including" underground, to go underground you would need a Mining Licence. So if you dug out your hole "prospecting" and picked up on a lead or vein then started tunnelling/driving into that you would need to get a licence, but the licence ...

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It''s a small wonder that more and more people are flocking to Glen Innes Highlands to fossick.We''re part of the most prolific sapphire region in New South Wales which has the world''s richest mineral diversity belt. It''s internationally famous for the deep rich, royal blue sapphires. And there are other reasons: fossicking is easy, cheap, no licence is needed in NSW and it''s …

Prospecting licence application kit

 · This kit is designed to assist in the completion of the Prospecting licence application form. The application requirements are outlined in section 15 of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (MRSDA) and Schedule 4 of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Regulations 2013 (MRSDMIR).

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Apply for a permit to fossick in a NSW state forest

Fossicking is looking for and collecting gems or minerals with hand tools. This includes looking for gold using metal detectors or pans. You must have a permit to fossick in a NSW state forest. The permit gives you permission to fossick for recreational, tourist or educational purposes only. You can apply for a permit online. Before you apply, check the state forest fossicking map …

New Gympie gold rush as fossicking licence demand soars by …

 · Gympie Regional Council says applications for fossicking permits have increased by 40 per cent during the pandemic. The current price for gold is $2,500 per ounce, leading to renewed interest by ...

Restore the balance

The mining rights were then downgraded and replaced with a fossicking licence (since abolished). It was just made harder and harder to have a go. Solution: That the Mining Act be amended to enable recreational miners to take out small mining leases on areas under Exploration Lease (excluding the immediate areas of active mining sites) subject ...

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Petition to Director General James Purtill. Petition for fairer fossicking laws in Queensland.


 · If you want to fossick in Victoria, you need a current fossicking permit known as a miner''s right. A miner''s right allows you to remove and keep minerals discovered on Crown Land, your own land or private land (where the landowner has given permission). A 10-year miner''s right costs $25.55 and is for individuals only (not businesses).

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 · Purchase a fossicking licence online. Follow the conditions on your licence and make sure you carry it on you at all times when fossicking. It is acceptable for you to show an inspector your licence on a mobile or tablet device. You can receive an on-the-spot fine or be prosecuted if you breach the provisions of your fossicking licence.

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 · Send yourself a receipt to your e-mail account. Other wise most tourist shop sell them. One month Fossicking Licence is around $11. Have your Licence on you. I have been out fossicking in Queensland and a mining department employee came and ask us if we had a licence. We were 200 kl from a town. So It pays to have a Fossicking Licence.

Land access – NT Government – Fossicking in the Northern Territory

Land access. Get the Fossicking - land access information bulletin PDF (108.6 KB) Pastoral Land if area is being used for pastoral activity or if fossicking is within 2 km of a homestead or 1 km of a stockyard. 14 days Notification (Fossicking Request) to the landowner/occupier required to obtain written consent.

The Ultimate Family Fossicking Guide to Queensland!

 · There are 2 privately owned properties – Gaske and Bell – where you can fossick – but you do need a QLD fossickers license (available for $11 at the visitor centre – valid for all of QLD). You also pay $5 at the visitor centre for admission to either site. You need to bring your own equipment. Chinchilla petrified wood is world renowned ...

Fossicking area maps : [New South Wales State Forests] / Forestry ...

Fossicking maps of New South Wales State forests showing permitted locations, roads, tracks, four wheel drive roads, walking tracks, mine sites, gates, towers and dams. Relief shown by contours. Title from screen (viewed on 7 February 2018) Description based on 15 January 2015 archive date. Not all maps in this archived site have been captured.

Fossicking District and Minerals Titles

 · Within a NSW State Forest you firstly need a FCNSW Fossicking Permit. $25/year available from FCNSW website. If the NSW State Forest is within a fossicking district then you don''t need permission from an Exploration Licence (EL) holder. However, any other Minerals Title does still require the permission of the minerals title holder.

Apply for a permit to fossick in a NSW state forest

How to apply Select the ''Apply online'' button. Select ''Start''. Select the area you want to fossick in. Complete the online application form. Agree to the permit conditions. Enter your credit card details to pay the permit fee. More information Carry your permit with you when you go fossicking. Follow the rules in the guide to fossicking in NSW.

ACT fossicking laws | Prospecting Australia

 · Eric2017. There is currently no specific ACT Government legislation to govern prospecting and fossicking activities in the ACT. Mining activities on Territory land are regulated through the Planning and Development Act 2007 and the Territory Plan. In addition, the Nature Conservation Act 2013 prohibits the damage, destruction or removal of ...

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Fossicking; Mining; Communities and land access; Investment; Mineral commodities; Forms, legislation and guidance; Maps, data and online tools ... All explorers must be familiar with the rules and regulations under which they can apply for a mineral exploration licence and undertake exploration activities in South Australia. Exploration ...

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We''ve streamlined the application process creating an easy-to-use platform that will successfully guide you to complete your application in just a few minutes. 1. Apply Online Start your application for International Driver''s License Get the IDL. 2. Upload Photos Make sure to upload an updated photo and with the correct parameters. 3.

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Define fossicking licence. means a fossicking licence for the time being in force issued under any written law relating to fossicking;

Fossicking for Gold and Gems in Australia

For permits in State Forests you can check here. Queensland – You DO need a fossicking licence – cost is reasonable and starts at AU$ 6.50 for one month. You can purchase licences online here . Victoria – You DO need a licence or Miner''s Right to go fossicking in Victoria. Prices are approx. AU$ 17.50 for 10 years.

Fossicking areas | Mineral Resources Tasmania

A prospecting licence is not required to fossick within declared fossicking areas. For more information on prospecting in Tasmania please click here. Eleven areas have been declared official fossicking areas under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 . These areas, which extend from the ground surface to a depth of two (2) metres, have ...